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The Universe Smiled on Me Today

After church today, which was miserable sweltering hot, I stopped by Highland Coffee on my way home, as I always do.  Said “hi” to an acquaintance I run into there sometimes.

I get to the counter, “Hi, how are you?”  “Good, how are you?” the smiling server and I exchange greetings ~ I order my usual ~  a large sugar-free vanilla chai latte with skim milk.  She smiles, writes it on a cup in coffee shop shorthand, and says, enthusiastically,

“I’ve got something for you.”

“You do?”

“Yes.  Someone bought these flowers and said to pick someone to give them to.”  And she picks up a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.  “Here.”

I’m delighted.  I love flowers like this – bouquets, in plastic, that you get to take home and put in a vase.  And to be handed them like this – out of the blue – I’m just totally delighted.   And almost unbelieving.  I laugh,

“They said to just pick someone to give them to?  And you pick me?”

“Yes,” she nods vigorously, and hands them to me.

“Thank you, omigosh, thank you.  That makes my day!”

And it did – it just made me feel like the universe was smiling on me.

Here they are:

I would have put them in the blue pitcher, the one that Jane gave me after my Mom died, but I had bought some flowers at the farmer’s market myself yesterday.  Here they are:

And here’s a close up:

So I have a plethora of flowers right now, and I love that.

After I got my bouquet of gift flowers home, I noticed the card, attached at the bottom of the stems.  It says:

So now I’m it.  I have to figure out what anonymous kindness I can do…  This should be fun.

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