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Nonna Stories – Every Picture…

Of course there is lots of picture-taking going on.  Pictures on my phone, with my ipad, videos, there seems to be  no end to the flurry of photo ops that I can’t miss.  I have to remind myself to stop and enjoy the moment.

So it’s no surprise when Lucia starts pretending to take pictures with her Papi’s ipod.  image

But I am surprised when she walks over to stand very close to me.  She puts her hands up toward my head, and says in a very soft voice, “Putting on dress,” while she mimes putting an invisible dress over my head.  Then, “Button, button, button,” fastening the imaginary buttons down the front.  She pauses, looks at me with an apprasing eye,   “Cute,” she says, still in this very soft voice.  “Take picture.”  And she holds up the ipod and snaps me.

She has a lot of fun playing on the furniture in the front room at our hotel.

Lucia’s Paw-Paw and Gamma had sent her one of those super cool monkeys that wraps its arms and legs around you.  Luica’s in love with it.   I’ll post some other pictures later of her and that monkey, but in the meantime –it makes perfect sense that she would want the monkey to have as much fun as she does.

This child is just too much fun.

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