If You Go to the Fair

Leaving Juquila just for a minute, I went to the fair yesterday.  Dee was talking about it being a culture shock for me, but I think it’s as close to Oaxacan culture as anything I can find around here.

I love the fair.

I haven’t missed a year in forever.  So it’s not just the experience today, it’s years of memories, as we walk through the exhibits, the animals, the midway.  And the shows.

Pig races.  Armadillo races.  High divers.  I wonder what ever happened to them.

Traditions.  The fair is all about tradition.

So I’m shocked when I ask for a schedule – they want me to download a code with my smart phone .   Shocked and a little indignant.  Really?  Computer access to the fair schedule?

That just seems wrong.

I console myself with a corn dog, which I only eat at the fair, and that helps.

This year, it was just my sister , Julia, and me.  We were traveling light ~ a big difference from the days when I took kids and toted stuff all day long.  Not bad, just different.

Julia and I don’t even have to spend much time figuring out what to do.  We already know the exhibits we’re going to, where we’re going to eat, and usutally what we’re going to eat.  Creatures of habit.

I remember to bring my address labels so I can sign up for drawings in the South Wing easily ~ not the baskets of stuff, just the weekend getaways.  I’ve never won one, so this might be the year.

This year, we love:

The Zuma Zuma acrobats.  You can catch them on youtube, but I recommend the real life experience.  They’re amazing.

The Handsome Little Devils – from the program:

” … Cirque-like show is an exhilerating fantastical adventure featuring classic Vaudeville comedy, high-skill circus acts and a plot rooted in American Melodrama with high-energy acts like The Human cannon, the Ladder of Love, Chainsaw Juggling, classic comedy routines and even swing dancing.”

It is delightful.  They’re cute and funny and talented.  Heads up – don’t talk on your cell phone during the performance.  You’ll see why if you go.

The surprise delight is Mama Lou, American Strong Woman.  She’s a “roving act” so we just happen to catch her.  She’s charming and impressive in her strength.  The program says:

“Inspiration and spirit are showcased with amazing stunts and jaw-dropping displays of strength. She combines tearing a phone book in half and crushing apples on her biceps with a positive message of self-empowerment.”

Her greatest feat (in my mind) is getting a gray-haired, male member of the audience to put on a unitard as her volunteer.

Yeah, really.  A unitard.  With sparkles.  Granted, he put it on over his clothes, but still.  How often do you see that?

It was awesome.

But if you go to the fair, here’s the most important thing to remember:

Temporary tattoos do not wash off the first day.

Trust me on this one.

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Trauma sensitive Consultant and Coach for Compassionate professionals who experience second hand trauma and are at risk of burnout so they can keep doing the work that matters to them and to the world.

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