The Juquila Library and Miscellaneous Cool Stuff

We go to the library in Juquila, just briefly, Julia needs to take back a book.   It is, as you would expect, one large room, with books lining the walls.  And I don’t try to take pictures to show you how small it was ~ I think that would have been kind of rude.

In many ways, it is just what we would expect from a library in the summer.

There’s are kid activities and a colorful bulletin board.

And they’ve been doing projects.

See them up above the shelves?  Here’s some flowers in a different part of the room:

And my favorite, the Don Quixote’s.

There were probably 20 of them.  I particularly like these two.

When I win the lottery, I think I’ll donate a new room of books for the Juquila library.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

Along the same lines of “just cool stuff,” here are some of the wood carving that Conan’s friend’s father does.

Here’s Conan’s friend, holding a baby Jesus his Dad made.

Yes, that’s Julia in her cute cap in the corner…

Here’s the wood carver himself, with a crucifix he’s made.

Pretty amazing, huh?

Nothing particularly poignant or different today.  Just cool stuff I saw.

Here’s some coconuts in a tree.

Well, I guess that’s a little different from what you see in Kentucky…

In Oaxaca City, as I’m drinking my morning coffee, I look up to see hundreds of bike riders turning the corner into the square.  Don’t know what they were doing.

National Bike Day, maybe?

Also in Oaxzca City, we go to a little store that sells mezcal, and sample a number of varieties.  The display of their wares looks like this.

It looks like a shrine, doesn’t it?  Yes, of course I bought some.

Compare it to this:

Ok, that’s not really a shrine, they’re selling souvenirs too.  Maybe it’s just the shiny colors that made me think of this, which is at the shrine.

I’m downloading the pictures off my camera in the next day or so, so I’ll be back to talk about the roads and some stuff about the beach we went to in Rio Grande.  But today, I’m going to the State Fair with my sister.  We’ve been doing that every year for ~ well, just about forever.

I LOVE the fair!

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  1. Love the wood carvings…it takes something/someone special to be able to find what is hidden in wood…i’ve always wanted to try my hand at it, but I haven’t the patience…and my family doesn’t trust me with sharp tools all that often…*grin*…being as I’m such a klutz. I love the smiling pic of Julia in the library. And yes, I’d love to send a lottery’s worth of books there, too!

    Love the coconuts…I was walking under one in Puerto Rico and just after I passed….*thunk*…one fell to the ground. “Walk *around* the tree’s,” my friend Jorge told me, shaking his head.

    Can’t wait to see more!



    • Hey, Kirsty,

      They are really beautiful, aren’t they? But knowing you, I’m thinking sharp tools might not be a great idea.

      And I love your coconut story! I didn’t see any falling out of trees, but I did drink straight out of one with a straw. Pretty cool.



  2. I didn’t know what mezcal was- I had to look it up- per Wikipedia:” Soon the conquistadors began experimenting with the maguey plant to find a way to make a distillable fermented mash. The result was mezcal.”-


    • Hey, Dee,

      Yep, and we have some that’s been made into a creamy form on the dining room table. It has a real liqueur taste then. Plain, I think it tastes a lot like moonshine.



  3. I googled bicycles in Oaxaca city and found this discussion by these guys doing bike tours from Oaxaca City to Rio Grande and Puerto Escondido ! Riding bikes through the mountains:


    • I went and looked at this discussion, and had to laugh out loud. Someone posted that the trip from Oaxaca City to Rio Grande and Puerto Escondido would be mostly downhill!! As someone who just traveled Hwy 131, and took the road to Puerto, through Rio Grande, I can promise them there is plenty of uphill.

      I also saw on-line somewhere that there are groups who do bicycle trips to Juqila, so it could have been that. Thanks for the information!


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